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Dream Machine - Interactive Music System

Advanced Live Music Performance System in VR

The Dream Machine Interactive Music System (DMIMS) is an advanced music performance system for live performances in Dream Machine, a music driven virtual reality experience. It's a modular system comprised of various Loop Switches, Sound Effect Triggers, Virtual Instruments and Effect Controls.

Designed by Zhiyong Mike Li. The DMIMS is an ambitious leap forward into the future of music performance. It's an experience with music, color, dance, light, and loops of knowledge, connection, community, and wisdom. The DMIMS is fully networked which can be performed independently, in a duo, or in as many "LoopMastas", As you could ever imagine.

In June 2022, the DMIMS's first showcase, is performed live by Vernon Reid, the founder and primary songwriter of the rock band Living Colour, inside the Dream Machine Virtual Performance Venue.