Zhiyong Mike Li (李智勇) is a composer & sound designer specializing in films and video games. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design at Boston's Berklee College of Music. 

  As a composer & sound designer, Mike holds Wwise 101, 201 & 301 Certifications and constantly experimented with different styles and techniques in composing music and designing sound effects. 
  Born in Dalian, China, Mike began his musical passion by playing the Chinese Flute at 8. Since then, he has continued to play and learn a variety of Chinese woodwind instruments.

  Upon moving to the United States in 2014, Mike was accepted into California's prestigious Idyllwild Arts Academy. He began his formal study in music composition with Professor Mark Carlson and Classical Piano with Dr Parvati Mani. He composed his first score for a student film named "Please." His first film scoring project had gained many nominations and awards, including a nomination for the Best Original Score in the All American High School Film Festival. Since then, Mike discovered his love of composing for motion pictures, which made him determined to aim for a career in writing music for motion pictures.

  In 2017, Upon entering Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Mike dual majored in Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design. He studied Film Scoring and Sound Design with multiple industry-leading professionals throughout his time at Berklee, including Emmy & Grammy Award Winner Claudio Ragazzi and Professor Akito Van Troyer. While studying at Berklee, Mike received the Achievement Scholarship and earned a place on the Dean's List for various times of excellent performance. 

 Mike has various working experiences in related industries. In 2019, Mike was offered an internship with the renowned audio production company — Hexany Audio LLC in Los Angeles, California. Throughout his training at Hexany, Mike assisted the composers & sound designers and recorded the Chinese Flute in various recording sessions for video game projects, most notably Honor of Kings, Kingdom Craft, and Moonlight Blade.

In June 2021, Mike was offered an internship with a Chinese internet giant — Tencent Games, in Shanghai, China. Throughout the training at Tencent, Mike worked on an unreleased music game project as the rhythm score designer.